Play it again Shan

The Further Adventures of Shannon and Brodie

Once again with the wanderlust. This time for Africa. Waka waka into Casablanca jetlagged and a day late. Don’t fly TAP Air.

The fields were dirt brown as we descended toward the airport, but hey it’s winter here too. 33 degrees north latitude puts us about the same as Atlanta, Georgia.

Our apartment was in this neighborhood with a mix of art deco buildings, low rise apartments, shops, and modern apartment towers.

Satellites abound in our view from our balcony. We had a one bedroom with a decent back terrace and high speed internet that mostly worked.

Always plenty of street vendors. Bread, olives, tissues. Persimmons and pomegranates are the in season fruit everyone’s talking about.

Sidewalks weren’t the worst we’d seen (Bangalore) and are generally navigable if you aren’t in a wheelchair. Look what some virgins spray painted on the wall. This was pretty much the quality of graffiti…

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