Global cybersecurity index: what ranking for Algeria?

November 19, 2022 by

In today’s world, owning a secure cyberspace embodies an absolute necessity as we all depend on digital lifelines “. Moreover, one of the greatest challenges of COVID-19 pandemic was finding ways to connect with each other, despite uncertainty and anxiety. Since then, many organizations have tackled the challenges of telework of which the cybersecurity represents a sine qua none condition, whether for managing video calls, for sharing documents, etc.

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To see where is Algeria on global and regional cybersecurity, we consulted the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) published by the International Telecommunication Union.

What is the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index?

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an institution of the United Nations launched, in 2015, the Global Cybersecurity Index (Global Cybersecurity Index, GCI). This measures the commitment of 193 ITU Member States in the field of cybersecurity. The report aims to capture countries’ cybersecurity actions, identify gaps and encourage the integration of best practices.

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As cybersecurity has a broad scope that cuts across many industries and diverse sectors, the GCI gauges each country’s level of development and commitment by submitting an 82-item questionnaire that falls under the following five main criteria :

— The legal aspect: assesses cybercrime and cybersecurity laws and regulations.
— The technical aspect: measure the implementation of technical capacities by national and sectoral agencies.
— The organizational perspective: concerns the strategies of the State and organizations implementing cybersecurity
— Capacity development measures: examines awareness campaigns, training, education and incentives for developing cybersecurity capabilities
— Cooperation measures: identifies partnerships between agencies, companies and countries.

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Cybersecurity: what position for Algeria in the world, in Africa and in the Arab world?

Now let’s take a look together at Algeria’s score in the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index and discover its global, African and regional ranking.

Algeria achieved in the GCI a cumulative score (addition of the five criteria) of 33.95 points (out of 100), a mark well below the average. In more detail, here are the scores (out of 20) that Algeria obtained on each of the five criteria: legal (12.46); technical (1.73); organizational(1.44); capacity development sec(10.07); cooperation (7.25).

The observation is therefore clear, on the technical and organizational aspects of cybersecurity, Algeria still has a lot of work to do!