Dreaming of simpler times

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Every time I’m hiking up a mountain, I wish I hadn’t bothered, but then every time I stand at the top of a mountain peak I’ve just scrambled up, I tend to feel a little less angry with myself and a small but perceptible sense of satisfaction ebbs inside me alongside a substantial feeling of relief. Morocco’s highest peak, Mt Toubkal stands at 4,167m, significantly lower than Mt Kilimanjaro yet still over three times higher than the UK’s highest peak, Ben Nevis. The Toubkal climb had originally been planned as a warm-up just before attempting Russia’s Mt Elbrus in the summer of 2020, however two years of pandemania followed by war has put paid to any hiking in Russia. Nevertheless, I needed little excuse to return to Morocco, climbing a relatively easy mountain appeared a good idea, and the Mrs wanted to ride a camel in the desert. The…

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