Pipeline politics in North Africa: when historical animosity leads to costly decisions

International Relations Today

Radia Mernissi is an International Relations student, her Moroccan background make her particularly interested in North African politics and neo-imperialism. She is also passionate about International Law and its application to conflict and security.

On the 24th of August 2021, Algeria officially declared it would cut diplomatic ties with its neighbouring country Morocco, stating that“the incessant hostile acts carried out by Morocco against Algeria have necessitated the review of relations between the two countries”. This decision seems expected considering the years of hostility and aggressive foreign policy between the states; however, its consequences show how historical mistrust is capable of guiding irrational policies.

Hence, this article seeks to uncover why these states pursued self-destructing relations and aggressive policies, even without apparent advantages, through the specific lens of the Euro-Maghreb pipeline.

A crisis driven by a history of mistrust and animosity

Morocco and Algeria are neighbouring countries located in…

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