Spruce Up Your Living Room With A Most Striking Kilim Rug

Moroccan Carpet

Kilim rugs are pileless rugs produced by several flat weaving techniques. It is not a thick/ fluffy/ heavy rug as other Moroccan Berber rug. The unique blend of colour, bold & striking geometrical or diagonal patterns makes it remains as a class of their own. It represents the artistic creativity that evokes the emotions, self-expression & tradition of the craftswomen.

It showcases the subtle pattern, which is perfect for any contemporary setting or modern home interior and blends well with a traditional home’s classic flair. Apart from its distinctive visual appeal, it possesses several other positive attributes and investing in it will be a wise investment for many homeowners.


Kilim rugs are different from others due to their waving technique in the loom. Making a Kilim rug is quite laborious and entails a perfect skill. It is a handmade rug created using a unique weaving technique where the interlocking warps…

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