review 2084 – LA FIN DU MONDE

books touched by Africa

Forget about 1984?
Forget about George Orwell?
Read 2084!
Remember Boualem Sansal!

Do you want to know what can happen later on in this century?
Maybe during your lifetime?
Or just a few years after your death?
Read this fascinating novel by the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal.

Let us travel to Abistan. In this country people serve and worship Yölah and his faithful Messenger Abi. The capital city of the immense and almost empty Abistan is Qodsabad. One day we meet Ati, who has just been decharged from a kind of hospital, where he has been treated and now he has recovered he can travel to one of the extensive suburbs of the capital city. On his discharge papers was written that the state officials should keep an eye on him. At at times At has whispered the word freedom when he hid underneath the blankets on his bed. When…

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