Visit Morocco: Casablanca

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My last trip to Morocco was the first time I stayed in Casablanca. It was a short, but memorable stay. My husband’s aunt has a beautiful home in Casa, and we were fortunate enough to sleep there. Just beside us in the city was a small, neighborhood masjid (mosque), and we woke to the beautiful sound of the adhan (call for prayer played over the loud speaker of the mosque’s minaret).

This is a special post

For this installment in the “Visit Morocco” series, I’m doing something special. Nearly all imagery in this post will come from my favorite social media page… @inmorocco on Instagram. The creators have curated an incredible display of Morocco’s breathtaking culture on their page from some amazing photographers and videographers, and this post will testify to that. Enjoy…

Masjid hassan II

I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life on a perfect…

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