Will Authoritarianism Defeat Gen Z Activism?


By Yoke Clara Yansim / June 30, 2021

Who Is Gen Z?

When you think of Generation Z, “tech-savvy” is probably one of the words that first come to mind. But it has become clear that Gen Z—defined as the generation born from 1997 onwards—possesses another defining trait: “woke”, as they say, or socially conscious.

Gen Z youths insist on being educated about social issues, from micro, identity-based ones (such as race, religion and sexuality) to macro ones (such as the environment).

Unlike the apathetic Millennials, Gen Z cares. Members of Gen Z care about people and the future, and they are outspoken about it.

And as digital natives, their natural ability to navigate the Internet, whether to gather numbers or access information, puts them at an advantage in social movements.

Gen Z’s Activism Around the World

Today, many young people are at the forefront…

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