A rapist never comes alone

By Kamel Daoud

“The killers and rapists of women in Algeria do not ‘fall’ from the sky when we encourage Islamist trash TV, the feudal fatwas of the chouyoukh, the media campaigns “you are a man if you veil your women”. 

When we accept ballots with ghost and faceless women, when an imam in a mosque paid for by the state announces, on the day of Eid in his sermons, hell for perfumed women, and we judge for Islamophobia on first which evokes our sexual miseries and our violence. 

When we refuse to condemn the harassment of unveiled women and treat them like potential prostitutes. when in an Islamic bank which activates in Algeria the unveiled women are refused for recruitment, voluntarily and on strict instructions, then we manufacture, at the end of the consent machine, rapists in Sétif, in Bordj Badji-Mokhtar, in Oran or in Béjaïa. 

We teach our children that a woman is half of a being, her nakedness is the source of our misfortunes, her mentality is that of a slave who must be beaten in order to educate her. we teach our children that to love is to prostitute oneself and to be elegant and free is to prevent rain, to cause earthquakes, to destroy a nation, to insult God.

Little by little our boys will become rapists and our girls will become raped. Rapists with sex, eyes, hands, tongue, a stick, a decree, discrimination, an insult, a prayer. gang rape against isolated women is being prepared.it takes half of a willing people, trackers, accomplices, judges, guardians, imams, intellectuals, instigators, laws, justifiers, and millions of voyeurs.

A rapist never comes alone. at least in his head. It is commissioned by a culture. “


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