Le Cartographe, Christophe Bourguedieu

Lisa Hilli

The first photobook I ever bought was in Marseille. At 24, I chose to travel solo in Europe. After saying goodbye to my first partner in Paris, I boarded a fast train to the south coast of France to experience and explore the Moroccan and North African communities enmeshed within French culture.

Photographer Christophe Bourguedieu

Marseille was not the town that a gourmet food show had portrayed to me on Australian television. When you’re on a backpackers budget, gourmet food is pretty much off the menu. I arrived in Marseille riddled with anxiety, I was no longer in the traveling companion comfort of my ex and had to navigate a completely new city and find accomodation for the night before exploring this windy coastal city.

As a solo female traveller I stood out like a sore thumb and was targeted by mostly men who tried many times to take advantage…

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