Algeria: بداية

Gorr Adventures

We are heading back to Africa to the northern country of Algeria. Algeria is the largest country in Africa and the 10th largest in the world and 4/5 of it is covered in desert! The hottest desert in the world to be exact, the Sahara desert. Interestingly, Algeria borders the Mediterranean Sea, so 91% of the country’s whole population lives on the coast.

The Flag

To start us off we painted the flag. The Algerian flag is half green which represents Islam, half white for peace and it contains a red crescent moon and star which is a symbol of Islam. Islam is the official religion of Algeria, 99.7% of the population is Muslim.

You will need…
White Paper
Green Paint
Red Paper
Scissors and Glue

Start by folding the paper in half and painting the left side green.

Next draw a crescent and star on the red paper. I…

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