Algiers Living Room Reveal

The Next Dinner Party

Hello from Algiers! After three trips to Michigan in the past four months, my cancer scare ordeal is over and behind me. The biopsy from the last surgery on my cervix revealed no cancer and do disease of any kind. I arrived back to Algeria a week ago, and have been getting re-acclimated (melatonin has helped a great deal), getting back to work, getting vaccinated, etc.

One of the best parts about being back home – especially as I’m required to quarantine for 10 days – is hanging out in our house. Going and away and returning only makes me like our Algiers home even more, with it’s weird layout, but abundant windows, and sweet outdoor space (currently blooming: the loquat trees, the bouganvilla, cherry blossoms).

This post is about our living room, which is the only room in our Algiers house that I have yet to share on this…

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