Maghreb conference on sustainable development

Maghreb conference on sustainable development

Maghreb conference on sustainable development concludes with raft of recommendations

As reported by Libya Herald and written by Sami Zaptia.

The First International Maghreb Conference on Sustainable Development  ended yesterday with a raft of recommendations. (Logo: FIMSD)

London, 18 March 2021:

The First International Maghreb Conference on Sustainable Development, under the banner “Reality and Hope”, concluded in Tunis on Tuesday. The five-day event, with the participation of Maghreb countries, was organized by Libya and was supposed to take place in Tripoli. It was moved to Tunis in view of the Coronavirus and Libya’s instability.

The conference dealt with several issues, the most important of which were:

  • Clarifying the various challenges and obstacles facing Arab countries in general and the Maghreb in particular in order to activate the dimensions of sustainable development.
  • Drawing a roadmap for the necessary measures to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development at all levels and fields.
  • Achieving a structural balance between the various sectors, both public and private, active in the field of sustainable development.
  • Develop policies and programmes that allow the advancement of the region in various fields in order to deal with emergency crises.
  • Seek partnerships between various regional and international bodies and organizations concerned with sustainable development issues.
  • Develop an action plan that allows for achieving sustainable development in the region after the Corona pandemic.