Libya: 20.000 Foreign Fighters demanded to get out of Libya´s Grounds

Fatima Al-Barwari

Libya an Arab Country at the heart of North Africa is still struggling to get it´s political independence from foreign meddling, and the distruction that is still ongoing through 20.000 Foreign Fighters. Feighters sent by Turkey or Russia to gain their powers over Oil Fields and the Shores, a Military Monopoly Game that is so new to the Modern History of Libya.

It was once upon a time the Colony of Italy, is now the Bee Hive of several hungry Foreign States, Western and Neighbouring States, including Terrorists imported by Turkey stright from Syria. The one side – Western – wants its Economic fair share , while the other side is aiming a revival of its Modern History , Turkey wanting the revival of the Ottoman State, that shall be successful by a military support and intervention which shall remind the World of the Young Turks who were side by…

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