The Emotional Safety Argument, Among Other Things


We all cling to a certain belief system while looking down on others and denouncing them as false, or accuse their beholders of being opinionated, when in fact there is nothing neutral or objective about being swayed by a credo, whether be it rationally appealing or appalling. 

I got into an argument lately that made me be firm concerning my stance regarding intranational causes. And I understand that I cannot evade such topics by dismissing them as merely not national, and I do understand that living in a hyper-connected world entails engagement with world events, and consequently standing for the rights of the oppressed, but I also reckon that engaging in such discussion is at best futile and at worst injurious as long as I’m on this land.

My initial feeling is that a form of escapism from the shackles of misery, individual and institutional depravity. And it is also…

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