Awakened Review: Jim & Andy – Beyond Personalities’ Delusion

Bohemian Algerian

Jim Carrey is my ever favorite actor – person. Since my childhood, I was amazed how easily he decontexualized himself and lived as a character who totally unconcerned by others’ reality; say their ethics, ethiquettes and other one-sided perspectives. I’ve tended to act as an ever trouble maker just as his characters, making fun for the sake of myself that sometimes caused common laughter in others, or else people hated me for my arrogance and disrespect. Later, I faced Jim Carrey’s free-of-acting character through his awakening videos on youtube and recent movies like the one I made a review already on this blog: Kidding. The man with a thousand faces, putting down all his masks to say he is nobody – we are nobody – and he achieved nothing as there is nothing to achieve in this life. For the public who just enjoyed laughing at him only to break…

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