The Culture of Coffee

Words from the Ouachita

I’d say I became a coffee drinker in 2014. Growing up around a lot of old people, I had drank coffee sporadically throughout my life. But never to a degree where the quality of the coffee was important. It was more of a morning ritual and utilized for it’s caffeine. After visiting Costa Rica, though, I was sold on the entire culture of the roasted beans.

Coffee is a great drink in itself. Drink it black, with milk, sugar, or not — the drink is amazing. What can be even more interesting is the culture that develops around the drink. Much in the same way as cigar culture varies among locales, so does coffee culture. From where coffee is consumed to how it’s prepared, as you travel you’ll see how things vary.

I’m not some renowned world traveler, or even especially well-traveled, but I do like to immersed myself in…

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