What if Amazigh was a country?


The Amazigh People:

The Amazigh people more commonly referred to as the Berbers were the indigenous population of North Africa from Libya to Morocco and the dominant group before the Arabian/ Muslim Conquests of Maghreb and Egypt. There are still significant groups of Amazigh people in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia with Morocco presently having 44 percent of their population being recognized as Amazigh. But when Morocco and Algeria became independent they became recognized as an Arab state and Algeria tried to keep their image as Arab as possible disregarding the minorities in the region. This is the reason when we think Arab, Algeria and Morocco also come in mind.

The Circumstances:

The Amazigh people have never been united because they are very different from each other and it is unlikely they would all work together without a threat through external powers like with the Romans, Arabs, French,Spanish and the Ottomans…

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