What are some “only in Algeria” moments?

What are some "only in Algeria" moments?

Here is Weld Azazga·Updated October 13 Amateur Historian What are some “only in Algeria” moments?

90% of Men will only wear sportswear. This look is very common in Algeria. Men and young boys seem to have closets full of jerseys, track pants, tracksuits, and sports shirts and it seems that’s all they love to wear.

Football is life: Algerians all play, watch and enjoy football. The minute we start walking we start playing. We make some of the worlds best football players and are very proud of our talent. Kids will play on fields, turf, sand, beach, rocky parking lots and even on the road with moving vehicles

What are some "only in Algeria" moments?

Balconies are security cameras: There are old aunties watching you at all times. CIA level intelligence gatherers, these ladies. Rumors will spread immediately if you do anything deemed odd. So be careful and be mindful. The balconies are watching!

What are some "only in Algeria" moments?

Women have better rights than America and Europe. And no this is NOT from feminism, it’s because they do not complain are very hard workers. Cooking, cleaning, raising kids and most of them work.

Professionaly they have achieved much more than women in America or Europe. 70% of Lawyers are women. 60% of Doctors are women. 60% of Judges are women. Algeria is unique in this accomplishment.

This is in a country where most women are conservative Muslims and would not describe themselves as feminists at all, and even if they do they would say “Islam comes first”. Quite an accomplishment.

What are some "only in Algeria" moments?
What are some "only in Algeria" moments?

Algerian women fought bravely alongside men in the Algerian revolution to liberate our nation from European invasion.

True Diversity: You will see every color of people. From blonde hair and blue eyes, to dark black with afro curly hair to everything in between. Algerians are the most diverse colors and genetic mixes you will ever meet. Just take a look at the national teams. We have many diverse tribal heritages from Arab and Amazigh origins including Chaouia, Staifia, Kabyle, Mzabiyya, Sahrawiya, Laoures, Touareg and many many more.

What are some "only in Algeria" moments?
What are some "only in Algeria" moments?

Algerians have big hearts: If you break down on the road or need something 100 people will come to help you. Algerians have strong sense of community both because we are Muslim and because of our Amazighi tribal roots. If someone needs help the whole city will come to help. You will never see someone alone in need without others offering to help. Algerians always feel “we are in this together”

Algerians love humor, hate political correctness: Don’t take anything personally. Algerians are friendly but they are also expert trolls. Algerians will make fun of everything and anything and no one is safe. Algerians tease, ridicule, poke jokes but are some of the most loving people. Free speech is very welcome in Algeria. Don’t get easily offended, and make sure you understand Algerians are kind people and will only tease you if they like you.

One callout however: Algerian culture is very family-oriented. Sexual talk is kept private and even joking about sex or talking openly about it is extremely shameful. Also do not insult religion, Algerians take their religion extremely seriously, and its the core of their honor code.

Avoid any sexual jokes, insulting religion, but anything else is absolutely fair game. If you are slightly short, tall, skinny, fat, dark, light, athletic, not athletic doesn’t matter, they will ridicule you if they like you.

Everyone hates the government. And rightfully so. There are far too many crooks in our politics. Unless you want everyone to hate you, do not say anything positive about the government.

Le BAC. All kids graduating high school age 17 and 18 are terrified of writing the BAC exam (standardized test to enter University in Algeria). Its a 200 year old French system exam everyone in Algeria argues is unnecessary. However, the government continues to ask for it because they follow the French in everything. Its sad.

We are very welcoming people! Elder women (around 60 or 70) everywhere will invite you to come over to their home so they can cook for you like a child. All Algerians love entertaining guests. Even if we have a piece of bread and some coca cola we will humbly invite you to our homes and greet you with kindness. In our religion entertaining a guest is a big honor. It makes us happy to do so.

Masjids (Mosques) are jam packed fridays with people even outside chilling after prayers, its a great atmosphere. Masjid is not just a religious place but a community gathering to see friends and family.

Algerians love their religion. By and large Algerians are very religious and even the ones who don’t practice still take inspiration from it in their daily lives in how they treat others and their family.

Cafes Cafes Cafes. Men are not big fans of hanging out at home, they prefer to hang in Cafes with 100 other men and chat politics, football, economy and personal stories. And we love espresso.

What are some "only in Algeria" moments?

Algerians are tough: Six major civilizations tried to conquer Algeria and all failed (Romans, Greeks, Carthage, Spaniards, Ottomans, French). Algerians are the sons of revolution fighters with Amazighi and Arabic blood. We are proud of our religion, country, culture, traditions and we will always stand up for what is right even with our lives.

ALGERIA IS BEAUTIFUL: I will leave you some amazing photos.

Tlemcen (Far West)

Algiers (The Capital)

Tipaza (Coastal Ancient City)

Oran (Paris of Africa)

Timimoun (Desert Oasis Paradise)

Bejaia (The mountain region)

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