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personal experience – kammy hostel in Marrakesh

Kammy Hostel is centrally located right outside of the labrynth of bazaars and souks. There are no doors to the rooms, and no lockers. However, there is a nice sense of community that convincingly reassures travelers that their belongings are safe. Regardless, distrustful as I am, I did end up hiding my most important valuables (passport, plane tickets, etc) underneath my mattress. Breakfast was excellent, although they didn’t rely on a set time for breakfast; either you happened to time your morning with when the hostel’s local cook brought food, or you didn’t. They also advertise several excellent tours for decent prices, although you may be able to get the same tours for a cheaper price at a travel stall in the souks.Some things to know before booking Kammy Hostel:

  1. The shower is small and moldy, but functions well and serves its…

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