6 Teas of the Middle East & North Africa


The Middle East & North Africa have some of the oldest trade routes in the world, ferrying spices from all corners of the world. As the crossroads of history & civilizations, the region has cultivated a rich tea culture. Here are a few of the most popular teas of the region:

1. Moroccan/ Maghrebi Mint Tea


Berber Whiskey

Tuareg Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Maghrebi Mint Tea

Probably most internationally known as Moroccan Tea, the practice of making this particular mint tea spans the entire Maghreb region. Berber tribes native to the region, adore the tea, travelled & spread the tradition across North Africa.

How did Tea make it into the region?

Tea, Camellia Senensis, doesn’t naturally grow in North Africa. Instead, the gunpowder green tea used in this tea has been traditionally imported from China. This is likely a result of centuries of traders like Ibn Battuta, moving between…

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