Africa’s largest country, Algeria

Delusional Bubble

What do most people know about Africa? Hmm, you’re right, almost nothing!

The whole humanity thing started in Africa and then from there, people migrated elsewhere in the world. Today more than 1.2 Billion people still call Africa, home!

Algeria is its biggest country in size. The title used to be for Sudan, but since they separated their land into two countries, Algeria owns it now.

Not a lot of people know about this diverse land. This country is truly underrated.


In recent history, France used to occupy this country. Although occupation is usually bad, it turned out good for them in some cases. When you walk around the streets in any Algerian city, you’d notice how similar some buildings are to the ones in France. It also transformed their cuisine for good.

Most of their people can speak French for the very same reason.

After the occupation, they…

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