Hello…. Morocco you are kind of French

Passport Overused

Morocco, a country I always wanted to visit. A place with lots of history and culture. I couldn’t wait to explore this French and Arabic speaking country. I heard there were parts of Morocco that had tons of green grass. I wanted to see that in person. I’m sure like most people, when they think about North Africa sand, and endless deserts comes to mind.

Marrakesh airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I arrived at the Marrakesh airport. I was somewhat in a hurry because my accommodation was in Casablanca. Didn’t really get to explore Marrakesh like most tourists. Plus, I wanted to go across country in a short time. Only had a few days,  no time to explore like usual. Which means, I will most likely visit morocco again!

Outside of the Marrakesh train station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I just wandered around the city’s train station. Just…

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