The Demise of a Controversial Leader

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By Sonia Harim

Hosni Mubarack, 91 in the picture, during one of his last public appearances. Credits: Il Fatto Quotidiano

This 25th February marked a bittersweet lap for Egyptians. Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak passed away without being held accountable for his actions during the Arab Spring in Egypt, back in 2011.

Egypt is one of the Middle East’s pillars, and as such, has often undergone critical events in order to keep itself stable – while the society has often been the victim of this condition.

In these last decade, the MENA (Middle East, Northern Africa) region saw most of its decades-long rulers fall: Gaddafi, Mubarak, Bouteflika and Al-Bashir, for example. Even though there are those who rebel against tyranny, there are some who need to identify the president as what’s familiar, a strong-man savior, and are willing to indulge his corruption and oppression.

Why did this happen…

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