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Dna indicates that an ancient King/Chieftain of the Massylii, who with Rome’s help established the united Numidian Kingdom across North Africa, is the cause of a Y-dna founder effect for the country of Morocco. This same Y-dna founder effect is present in my y-dna, having come from the Morocco/North Africa as well. This means, from father to son, unbroken for 2100 years, I descend from this King, and these people.

The most likely suspect was Masensen/Massinissa. He was rumored to have as many as 64 children total, and had 8 legitimate male heirs. Certainly, if those children, inheriting all of North Africa continued to be prosperous and have children survive…. boom, founder effect.

Crazy shit, right? So dna gives me an anchor point, 2100 years ago. A certain ancestor that I descend paternally from. The same line that I can trace back from myself to 1500 a.d….. Now I just…

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