Mediapart: French warplanes sold to Egypt used to back up Haftar in Libya


A study by French website Mediapart and Radio France Internationale (RFI) and two other French investigation sites in coordination with Dutch site Lighthouse Reports has revealed that French Rafael warplanes sold to Egypt had been used to support Khalifa Haftar’s forces in their military operations in Libya.

The study said the missiles used by Haftar’s forces at a southern Tripoli base are French andFrance admits this.

“The warplanes used to support Haftar’s forces in attacks on Derna in eastern Libya and airbase near Houn two years ago and there are footage of them.” It said.

Former Chief of French Intelligence Bernard Bajolet told Mediapart that Haftar was more effective than the Head of Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj in fighting terrorism in Libya, saying he was in contact with them when he was in his post

He said Haftar was of more interest to France as he was in control of…

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