Morocco; Land of Sand and Sea

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Souks, kasbahs and ksars, oh my! Morocco is a magnificent country filled with reasons to visit that have long enticed visitors to this fabled country. With Gate 1 in Morocco, visit imperial cities with grand architecture and the High Atlas Mountains that have housed Berber tribes for centuries. Souks, or a market or bazaar, bustle with people looking to shop and walk around. Kasbahs, or the citadels of ancient cities, often protected the leader when the city was under attack. The ksar, or a Berber village or castle, rise from the sands like other worldly lodgings. See all of these unique Moroccan sights and so much more when traveling to Morocco with Gate 1.

Fez, Marrakesh & Rabat; Three Imperial Cities

Of Morocco’s four historic imperial capitals Fez, Marrakesh,
Rabat & Meknes, Gate 1 Travel visits three: Fez, Marrakesh and Rabat. Fez,
or the “Athens of North Africa” is teaming…

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