The High Atlas Mountains, Imlil, Morocco

Mountain Diaries

Morocco may be best known for its desert camel rides through the sand dunes, the blue city of Chefchaouen, exploring the old cities and the souk in Marrakech and Fes but when I landed in Morocco, I really felt like going to the mountains. (It’s just this urge I get from time to time without any rational reason that I cannot fight off)


As it turns out, Morocco has one of the best mountain ranges in North Africa.


Since I was in Marrakech already, I decided I wanted to see Mt. Toubkal or the surrounding mountains in High Atlas. Despite my enthusiasm, I couldn’t find much information about how to get there and how much it would cost on the internet without booking a tour. I also learned that since the tragic murders of two girls last year who went camping alone in the area, it was obligated to go…

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