Libya’s Never Ending Civil War…or Is It?

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Ghassan Salame, the UN’s point man for Libya began his analysis and brief to the Security Council last week by emphasising that the armed conflict in Libya “shows no signs of abating”. He added “The war around Tripoli has already left nearly 1100 dead, including 106 civilians. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes in the capital and neighbouring districts as a result of the fighting, tens of thousands crossing the border to Tunisia seeking safety for their families.”

Salame detailed that more than 100,000 men, women and children have been immediately exposed to what amounts to ‘war frontlines’, and over 400,000 more in areas are directly impacted by clashes. Saying further that the civil war has worsened humanitarian conditions and hindered access to food, health and other life-saving services.

Both sides have ignored calls for de-escalation and have intensified air drone campaigns, with precision airstrikes. Supplying both…

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