I have the story… but how to write it?

Lois Elsden

Having pondered for a long time on how to write my family’s stories – and mine, I have begun to employ creative non-fiction; I take the outline and then colour it in and add extra details. Yes, I have to make up a lot but the bones are there, and I’m never trying to deceive, I’m not pretending that what I write is exactly what happened. Yesterday I shared a story from my dad who died over twenty years ago. It was about going to a dog race after the war while he was waiting to be demobbed. He went with a friend called Darkus, who thought he knew a bit about dog racing and kept suggesting ‘winners’ to dad. My dad wasn’t a betting person, but he took a fancy to a dog named Needles, just liking the name. It was a poor old thing and Darkus couldn’t help…

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