Open thread: Youth strike for climate

...and Then There's Physics

Since I haven’t had a post for a few days, I thought we could have an open thread about the youth strike for climate. I mostly think it’s quite a positive thing; it’s young people whose future is at stake making their voices heard. It’s also had quite a remarkable impact. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be leaving this to the youth, and I certainly don’t think they should regularly be taking days off school.

I have, however, come across some really remarkable responses. There’s a UK-based site where Greta Thunberg was described as radicalised and compared to Shemima Beggum. Watts Up With That plumbed the depths with a post about Greta Thunberg’s Aspergers. The Global Warming Policy Foundation have suggested that the striking youth are brainwashed. I’ve also been accussed of child abuse by more than one person on Twitter, because I’m supportive of the climate strikes…

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