Multilateralism: A Testimony


Human Wrongs Watch

By Ambassador Idriss Jazairy and Roberto Savio*

For over 70 years, the UN system has been perceived as the guardian of peace and development in the world. However, multilateralism today is undeniably under strain. The effectiveness of global institutions and of global policymaking is questioned, and alliances are fraying.

Idriss-Jazairy_2_Idriss Jazairy

savio-small1Roberto Savio


Often, in times of transition, drawing lessons from the past is a good way to find solutions and inspiration for the way forward.

In this regard, it is important to remember the inspired leaders of the UN system who have propelled forward the concept of multilateralism over the years.

It is therefore important to evoke the legacy of Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Maurice Strong, but also of UNICEF’s Jim Grant, as they all represent visionary UN figures who contributed greatly to the evolution of multilateralism.

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