Algerian Meme Protests

Bohemian Algerian

Algeria was a very hot country in the recent decades with serious problems. In the past, the hot headed people looked for solutions through throwing stones and shooting bullets, only by force. However, it has changed.
These days Algeria is in chaos because of the fifth election trial of the handicap president and the handicap government behind him. Strikes and peaceful demonstrations occur daily all over the country. Then, the keyword here is PEACEFUL: the hot headed people has learnt from the past’s mistakes and bloodbath that serve nothing. Algeria has decided to protest with a smile on their face and hope I’m their heart. I’m really proud of such development that are much more better than IMax Movie Theatres or magnetic trains. 1-2-3 Viva Algérie, we hope changes as we have changed already.

I collected a couple of pictures that I found the best among the joyful meme wars…

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