My first day as a translator

Bohemian Algerian

One of the most awkward moment is falling into the whirling actions of an insane, especially if that insane bears with some responsibility. This is my case today.
Fortunately, I met no crazy bosses or senile dictators, but this one I had to share my day with, is enough. The background of the story is long-long-long, but I’m cutting it short. There’s a neighbour of us and dad loves neighbours as much as he loves responsable people. This man whom I will call Mr Catfish from now on – because of the FAAAAT resemblance – is an accountant. Being an accountant is a respectful profession; however, the numbers of people whom have got driven crazy by the numbers are as numerous as the numbers themselves they are working with. So, Mr Catfish who is a neighbour for us is a likely people for my chatbox father to philosophy about the…

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