Typically easy-going business atmosphere of Tunisia not enough?

In Tunisia, exports of agri-food products earned nearly 4.9 billion Dinars, equivalent to $1.6 billion in 2018, according to data from the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. Would this performance be possible without or would the typically easy-going business atmosphere of Tunisia be not enough?  The specificity of olive oil production as well as of all the other segments of the country’s agricultural and industrial activities depend very much on that prevalent easy-going or doing business in Tunisia.  Also, as if that is not enough, the current government shows its ambitions to move the country even further up the world ranking.

Towards a leap of 15 places of Tunisia in the ranking 2020 Doing Business

18 January 2019

With TAP

Tunisia will be able to improve its score in its ranking of “Doing Business 2020” by moving up from its present position by between 10 to 15 spots in case of adoption of the “Horizontal” Bill by the Assembly of the people’s representatives (ARP) before the end of April 2019.  That was what Zied Ladhari, Minister of Development said while speaking on the sidelines of a workshop on the bill.  The Minister indicated that his Government called for expediting its review just after it was adopted in the latest Ministerial Council. The deputies of the ARP are aware of the importance of this project to allow Tunisia to improve its score in several international rankings and, therefore, to boost the investment in the country, he said again.  This Horizontal Bill is meant to improve investment climate as well as proposes to liberalise certain business activities.

Tunisia’s objective of reaching the top world 50 in the field of business climate by 2021 remains dependent on the implementation of a series of essential reforms.

Ladhari recalls that in 2018, Tunisia succeeded in moving eight places up in the report Doing Business for the year 2019 for the first time in six years.

He added that the workshop of work to which experts in the legislative and financial field have participated will examine the first draft of the planned Horizontal Bill.

He also indicated that this bill will include several provisions to alleviate and simplify the process in the creation of companies and to facilitate the financing, in addition to strengthening the governance and transparency of the commercial companies and the relationship with the tax administration.

In the report Doing Business, which is developed annually, the World Bank evaluates the performance of 190 countries by the World by presenting an analysis of data on SMEs at the national level as well as legislation on economic activities.