5 Climate Actions We Can All Take for a Zero Hunger World


With extreme changes in temperature, the impact of climate change on our planet and on our lives can’t go unnoticed.

Climate change is putting the livelihoods of millions of farmers at risk. Without them, we wouldn’t have the food on our plates, they are our #ZeroHunger heroes and need our support. © Surasak Saenjai/Shutterstock | Photo from FAO.

2 Januray 2019 (FAO)* — World hunger is on the rise and the leading causes are: climate variability and extremes. Unpredictable and harsh conditions are making it harder to produce the food we need for a growing population but we are still in time to act!

We need to tackle climate change so everyone, everywhere can have access to enough nutritious and safe food. This is where every individual has the power to make a difference.

Here are 5 climate actions YOU can take to contribute…

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