The Algerian Cultural Heritage Between Looting and theft

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The protection of cultural heritage is a crucial aspect of preserving the history and identity of nations and communities around the world. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of various declarations and international organizations such as UNESCO, these illegal activities in cultural heritage and the theft of cultural objects remain…

Global Warming

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Oases Dry Up – Morocco Residents of the oasis of Alnif say they can’t remember a drought this bad: The land is dry. Some wells are empty. Palm groves that date back more than 100 years are barren. Home to centuries-old oases that have been a trademark of Morocco, this…

As Tunisia votes, coastal town’s youth dream only of Europe

By Angus Mcdowall and Tarek Amara  The image above is Ismail Challahki, 19, stands by a beach where migrant boats sometimes depart in Zarzis, Tunisia December 12, 2022. REUTERS/Angus McDowall1234 ZARZIS, Tunisia, Dec 15 (Reuters) – Tunisia holds an election on Saturday but, in the coastal town of Zarzis, teenager Ismail Challahki and others like him couldn’t […]